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This rankings episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast pits American Gigolo, Welcome to Chippendales, and Jack Ryan Season Three against each other. Host Tyler gives a spoiler-free review of all three, gives his opinion on if you should add it to your watch list, and gives a little background on all three. To kick off 2023, there is a lot of great new series premiering but in the meantime here are three relatively new series that can be binged to their fullest. 

American Gigolo, available on Showtime, is a series that reimagines the 1980 movie with Richard Gere. This version features Jon Bernthal in the lead role as he is exonerated 15 years later after being accused of murder. Jon plays Julian Kaye, an ex-gigolo, integrating himself back into society as his past tries to rear itself back into his day-to-day life.

Welcome to Chippendales, available on Hulu, is an origin story of the famous Chippendales dancers. Kumail Nanjiani plays the lead role and founder of Chippendales, as this series includes all the dirty stories that made this brand the power it is today.

Lastly, Jack Ryan Season Three on Amazon Prime is a new installment in the Tom Clancy series. Season three follows John Krasinksi (Jack Ryan) as he works to unfold an attempt by Russia to trigger a worldwide war with the Western Powers.

Where would you rank these three series?

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