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The quality of horror films has evolved over the last decade and movies like Barbarian really showcase the improvements in the script, acting, and directing. Barbarian, which is written and directed by Zach Credgger, stars Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgard, and Justin Long. This 2022 horror film goes off the premise of what happens when an AirBnB is accidentally double booked but also is not just a regular AirBnB. In this episode of Back Day with the MovieBuffs Podcast, host Tyler Valencia gives a breakdown of Barbarian and shares his favorite parts of the movie. Back Day episodes in the MovieBuffs Podcast are throwback movies and full breakdowns that include spoilers.

The movie is split into two parts and ultimately each storyline comes together as the movie gets to its climax. The first half follows the characters of Tess and Keith and how an accidental double booking leads them to share an AirBnB together. After getting locked in the basement, Tess discovers a secret door that starts this movie down a dark hallway and uncovers what’s been living under the house.

Listen in on this Back Day episode and let’s hear what your favorite scene was. What do you think about horror films over the decade?

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