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If you’re looking for a new show or two, this rankings episode of the MovieBuffs will go over two shows on Apple+ and Max. Rankings episodes in the MovieBuffs Podcast are designed to provide our audience with series that are currently available for viewing and, if you want, binging. Host Tyler Valencia will share details about Trying, Ted Lasso, and C.B. Strike in this episode. At the moment, each of these series already has three seasons released, and both Trying and C.B. Strike are scheduled for a fourth.

The most surprising part of this episode is where Tyler ranks the last season of Ted Lasso. Once a global hit, Tyler dives into why he thinks this show fell off a cliff and got away from what made it a unique watch. Sadly, this last season of Ted Lasso featured less about Ted and his quirkiness and more storylines that detract from what made viewers fall in love with this show. In no reality would a professional sporting team hire a coach from a completely different sport with no experience at the highest level of coaching. Despite that reality, Ted’s euphemisms and wacky stories made this show lovable. Its demise was noticeable and may be part of why it will not return for a fourth season.

Let’s hear your thoughts on these three shows and where you would rank them!

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