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The latest addition to the Creed and Rocky franchises is Creed III. Released on March 3rd, 2023, Creed III packs a punch and is another great addition to the Creed franchise. This installment follows Adonis Creed’s post-fighting career and his trying to integrate into fatherhood. Michael B. Jordan stars and directs, and is accompanied by one of the hottest names in Hollywood, Jonathan Majors. It’s an impressive directorial debut for Jordan, which features scenes and action that other Rocky and Creed installments never attempted. Of course, we get the inspirational training montages, Rocky/Creed callbacks, and the same level of acting we’ve seen in other installments, but this one really focuses on Adonis’s past and how it’s affecting his current life.

All Instant Reactions in the MovieBuffs Podcast are spoiler free. These episodes are created to give you a taste of the movie and hopefully entice you to catch it while it’s still in theaters. After listening, let us hear who your favorite character was and what you thought of this new installment.

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