This week the MovieBuffs take on a movie that broke Netflix’s record for viewership minutes when it premiered; the streaming juggernaut Red Notice. They talk plot, production and reviews- and of course follow down a long tangent on the state of modern cinema and the revival of the adventure movie; and that’s just the main set! Be sure to also check out the special trivia segment featuring a call in guest and find out how much Ronjam really knows about the MCU! All the action, adventure and nonsensical ramblings you could ever ask for all in one place – The MovieBuffs Podcast!

Tune in for all the latest movie news and rumors, and of course more than a few non sequiturs to help pass the time. Be sure to tune in to the new ending segment “Post Workout Takeaways” where the MovieBuffs give advice to help you improve in and out of the gym in the new year. 

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