Biff! Pow! Zap! This week the MovieBuffs take on the long awaited return of one of pop culture’s greatest figures…that’s right- it’s time to cover THE BATMAN. Tyler and Ronjam dive deep into the seedy underbelly of Gotham and cover all things The Batman- from costume and gadgets to on screen chemistry and deleted scenes!

Aided by Ronjam’s undying love for all things Caped Crusader, the MovieBuffs galavant into their longest and most action packed adventure yet! Not to mention all the latest news, rumors, and trailers the internet has to offer AND a hopeful and helpful fitness and health takeaway.
All the action, adventure and nonsensical ramblings you could ever ask for all in one place – The MovieBuffs Podcast!

Tune in for all the latest movie news and rumors, and of course more than a few non sequiturs to help pass the time. Be sure to tune in to the new ending segment “Post Workout Takeaways” where the MovieBuffs give advice to help you improve in and out of the gym in the new year.

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