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An under-the-radar late summer release, The Equalizer 3 is a fun action movie that continues on the story of Robert McCall, an ex-intelligence agent set on helping those in need and settling the score for those unable to. The Equalizer 3 stars Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning, in a storyline set in Italy filled with mafia ties, terrorism, and a small community that Robert has fallen in love with. Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day & Southpaw) returns for this third installment and pairs him back up with Washington.

Although not a film that will blow moviegoers away, this third installment features a solid story that audiences will connect with. Robert still packs a punch and is relentless in his pursuit of protecting the underdog, and the action featured is tasteful. In this episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast, host Tyler Valencia gives his spoiler-free review of The Equalizer 3, discusses the cast, and shares a problem that all action movies face today.

What is your favorite Denzel movie?

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