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An Oscar nomination that is on the must-watch list for both MovieBuffs is Everything Everywhere All at Once. This movie was one of Ron’s favorites of 2022, and in this Instant Reaction episode host Tyler Valencia gives a spoiler-free breakdown and shares why you should give it a watch. This movie plays with the multiverse idea that you’ve seen in Marvel movies but puts it in a down-to-earth day-to-day situation that many can relate to. This movie ties in different family dynamics, generational topics, and how decisions can impact your life.

One of the biggest takeaways of this movie is how decisions can impact your life but that you can still change them. Whether they are family related or career-related, the past does not need to dictate your future. Something this movie does well plays with your emotions and hopefully, makes you walk away with a new perspective. Change can still happen and hopefully, this movie creates a change.

Give this episode a listen, watch the movie, and come back to share your favorite universe!

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