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Nothing like a great comedy series to binge on the weekend or catch up on after work. Our Rankings episodes within the MovieBuffs Podcast are spoiler free and hopefully, an episode to help you find something to add to your watchlist. In this episode, host Tyler Valencia ranks Hacks, Dave, and Party Down. These three series already have two seasons available to watch and will be releasing (or already released, Party Down) their third season in 2023.

Hacks, available on HBOMax is a series that features Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder in a comedy star-writer relationship. Smart, who has already won two Emmys for her role as Deborah Vance, plays a one-time legendary Las Vegas comedian as she tries to revive her career. As a last-ditch effort she is sent a writer on their last leg (Einbinder) and despite being polar opposites, find themselves reviving Deborah’s comedic career.

Dave, a Hulu show that is loosely based on Lil Dickey’s rap career, is a comedy series that showcases his quest to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. This show intertwines some of the outlandish storylines with real-life issues that most primetime series will not touch with a ten-foot pole. Season three is releasing on April 5th and a great watch if you’re already a fan of shows like Hacks or Workaholics.

Lastly, Party Down which is available on Starz follows a catering service full of trying actors and writers. Party Down is a great show to pop on for an instant mood boost and has a new storyline in each episode with a stacked cast of comedians. This comedy series is led by Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplin, and Martin Starr.

Where would you rank these three comedy series?

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