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Holiday movies are a popular genre that brings joy to the season and elicits all the emotions we love. Several holiday movies are released each year, on top of the classics such as Christmas Vacation, Bad Santa, and Love Actually, so how do you choose which ones to watch? In this Rankings episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast, host Tyler Valencia gives three holiday movies he watched for the first time this last year in hopes that they make it onto your watchlist this year. The three movies featured in this episode are The Holdovers, Your Christmas or Mine?, and Feast of the Seven Fishes.

In this episode, Tyler provides a detailed introduction by highlighting the main focus of the discussion. The focus is not on ranking the all-time best holiday movies but on suggesting newer movies you can stream during the upcoming holiday season. Not all holiday movies are worth watching, so the three movies reviewed in this episode have been carefully selected for their rewatching qualities. These movies can be easily incorporated into your regular binge-watching routine, making your holiday season more enjoyable and memorable.

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