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The latest Pixar release that is now available on Disney+ is Elemental. In this Instant Reaction episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast, host Tyler Valencia gives his spoiler-free review of Elemental, talks about Pixar marketing issues, and why people aren’t talking more about Pixar movies. One of the most significant talking points that Tyler brings up is how audiences don’t know much about the Pixar movies these days being released. Pixar used to be a gigantic name in the animated movie realm, but with the other studios creating creative animated movies that are visually stunning and have a solid accompanying storyline, audiences are much less obliged to head to Pixar movies.

Elemental is a creative animated story focusing on one family’s growth in a major city. The young protagonist in this film is torn between following their heart or following in their parent’s footsteps to take over the family business. Our lead character, Ember, struggles with pleasing her parents or starting a relationship with Wade, who comes from a different background.

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