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One of the biggest movies to hit theaters so far in 2023 is John Wick 4. After three action-packed installments, could director Chad Stahelski pull it off again? The answer is an emphatic yes and some more butt-kicking on top! This installment in the series features more martial arts sequences, car chases, and stunts, leaving the audience wondering where the time went with this almost three-hour movie. In this Instant Reaction episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast, host Tyler gives a spoiler-free review of John Wick 4 while talking about the action, lighting, cast & crew, and gives his favorite character not named John Wick.

With two spin-off series already announced prior to its release, John Wick 4 comes out swinging (literally) and pushes the boundaries of martial arts on the screen. The cast for John Wick includes Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburn, Bill Skarsgard, Lance Reddick (R.I.P.), Ian McShane, Clancy Brown, Donnie Yen, and Hiroyuki Sanada. The additions and continuation of the story revolving around John Wick’s mistakes set up more of the John Wick vs. everyone mentality we’ve seen in previous installments. The Marquee played by Bill Skarsgard is this installment’s main antagonist and his main role is to finally kill John Wick using all the resources of the High Table.

Have you seen John Wick 4 yet? Let’s hear your spoiler-free instant reaction.

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