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An under-the-radar movie that’s available for consumption is Next Goal Wins. Telling the story of the American Samoa soccer team that famously lost to Australia 31-0, this new Taika Waititi film is fun and heartwarming. Starring Michael Fassbender as Thomas Rongen, this film follows the main character, going from his lowest lows to finding a new home (and family) on the American Samoa island.

One of the biggest themes featured in this film is finding happiness. It’s often believed that a coach needs to be harsh and brutal to their athletes to get the most out of them, but what about finding what makes them tick and what gets the most out of them? The story arc of Fassbender’s character shows him learning about the American Samoa culture and why happiness is a part of the views. Ultimately, Fassbender’s character embraces this outlook, and we understand why he struggled mentally before coming to the island.

Instant Reaction episodes in the MovieBuffs Podcast are spoiler-free reviews of films. These episodes are meant to promote going to the theaters and feature films we believe our audience will enjoy.

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