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Remakes are becoming increasingly common as the movie industry tries to lure moviegoers back to the theaters. However, what makes a good remake? Is it a high fan score? An engaging story? A remake that pays tribute to the original while also adding a fun and creative twist is one way to get the audience to appreciate the effort and want to see more. Unfortunately, the 2024 remake of Road House fails to accomplish this task and leaves the audience with a bitter taste of action just for the sake of action. In this episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast, host Tyler Valencia breaks tradition, provides a review that could be more encouraging for original fans, and discusses where the film takes a turn for the worse.

On paper, the remake of Road House seemed like a fun and intelligent way to attract a wider audience to the cinema. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton, this attempt focuses on his backstory as a UFC fighter who is hired as a bouncer to keep the rowdy crowd out of a Florida Keys bar. The UFC is a billion-dollar entertainment industry with fans all over the world, but this element isn’t as prominent in the movie, and the sequences featuring Conor McGregor come across as silly.

Listen to this spoiler-free episode and find out who Tyler thinks might enjoy watching this remake.

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