We all need a little rom-com action in our lives and who especially loves when it’s available on-demand? This episode of Back Day with the MovieBuffs Podcast is a throwback to Starter for 10, which was released in 2006 and set in 1985. In this movie, main character Brian Jackson (James McAvoy) goes off for his first year of college at Bristol University and experiences what it’s like to live on his own, chase a girl outside his league, and compete in his favorite childhood trivia game. This movie is one of those feel-good stories that hits all the emotions… especially the cringy ones from awkward moments! 

One reason to add this movie to your watchlist is the cast full of “it” actors! This movie features a handful of current Marvel actors in their earlier years, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Dominic Cooper. This is a coming of age story that has trivia elements, comedy, and young romance. You can usually find this movie on HBOMax but if not, keep an eye out for when it rotates back onto the platform and save it for a weekend movie session.

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