It is the MovieBuffs Podcast’s annual edition of New Year, Old Movies where the Buffs share their rankings of movies from the past year. Which movies were the best? Which movies were their least favorite? And who is the worst person in Hollywood according to The MovieBuffs? These are all categories discussed in this episode as they review the year in film. 

2022 was a year of fewer releases and fewer blockbuster-style films, but as the movie industry gets back on track, future years will definitely benefit. Will big-budget blockbusters return? This is also something the Buffs discuss as they review some of the latest movie and tv news. The categories the MovieBuffs discuss are:

  • Best Movie We Saw
  • Worst Movie
  • Favorite Movie
  • Most Disappointing Movie
  • Best Performance
  • Most Surprising
  • Worst Person in Hollywood
  • Worst Trailer
  • Movie We Wish We Saw

Tune in for this year’s heavyweight rankings and let’s hear what you think! What were some of your favorite movies from 2022?

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