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Available on Amazon Prime Video, The Covenant is a Guy Ritchie film that might surprise you. Not only does it not include the usual witty Ritchie slang, but it is a US military-based film that leans heavily into the story of the Afghanistan war and the interpreters that help US soldiers. This film did not do too well at the box office, but in its second life on streaming, it might be someone you can pop on the television during the weekend. In this Instant Reaction episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast, host Tyler Valencia gives his spoiler-free review of the film and why he was surprised by the story The Covenant lays out.

This Ritchie film doesn’t include any artsy transitions or close-up GoPro running scenes, but instead tells the story of a US Staff Seargent needing to repay his debt to an interpreter (Ahmed) who saved his life. One of the significant differences a viewer experiences during this film is how different it is from the theatrical trailer. The trailer leaned heavily into Jake Gyllenhaal’s character and his heroics to save Dar Salim’s character, but in reality, the movie is flipped. Salim’s heroism is a significant part of the film and one that the audience is on the edge of their seat for.

Listen to this latest episode and take a chance on this film!

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