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The first of two DC movies set to come out in 2023 is The Flash. Recently released on July 16th and made headlines (good and bad) for its CGI, opening weekend, and cameos. The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, and Sasha Calle, packs a punch in the non-stop action department, but why is it underperforming at the box office? That is one topic discussed in the latest episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast. This episode features a full breakdown of The Flash in the last third of the episode but kicks off with some movie news and a fun casting actors sketch.

Whether you see The Flash in theaters or wait till it comes out on streaming, it’s a movie that will get a lot of buzz from the noise surrounding its release. With Ezra Miller’s off-the-screen issues, DC Studios going through a teardown, and the lackluster history of movies released by DC, fans are showing that they are unhappy with the wait DC Studios is being run. While The Flash does show moments of brilliance on the screen, it also has tonal shifts that were probably affected by the story having to be changed and cameos being taken out. This was director Andy Muschietti’s first directing job for DC, and he definitely did enough to warrant his appointment for the new Batman movie coming out in the future.

Listen in on the episode and let us know what you think about The Flash. Did you like it enough to go to the theaters, or are you waiting for streaming?

Episode Breakdown
Welcome & Movie News – 00:50
Guessing Six Iconic Castings – 21:50
The Flash Review – 34:51

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